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RS FillingTech main focus is providing comprehensive solutions in bottling and filling lines industry with strong domestic and EU market presence.


Company already executed numerous projects in Germany, Russia, Sweden, Norway, Austria, Czech Republic, Croatia, New Zealand, Netherlands and others.

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Year 1996

The company RS FillingTech is a family company founded in July 1996, originally under name MIHO-Polska by Ryszard Szczesny. After initial period of running whole company on his own, first employees have been hired in 1997.

Year 1998

In 1998 our company fulfilled contract for the largest and the most modern filling line for juices and wines in Poland at that time, despite strong competition by several state-owned enterprises with up to 800 employees and numerous private companies, some up to 100 people strong.

Year 1999

In 1999 the company began cooperation with German firm Ecomac.

Year 2003

In 2003, despite competing with well-established German enterprises, MIHO-Polska for the first time won the contract for refurbishment of very sophisticated filling line in the fifth largest German brewery. This has allowed MIHO-Polska to enter and develop strong presence on German market.

Year 2014

This change has been caused by a coincidental convergence of our company name with the German trade name miho GmbH and frequent association of our business activities with control devices only. Currently company employs 34 highly qualified workers.

Currently company employs 34 highly qualified workers.


From the beginning one of our core values is wise reinvesting of profit, such as extending production and warehouse capabilities, modernization of equipment, extending company fleet and qualification courses for our employees. This, in combination with quality without compromises proved to be a recipe to build strong position on market, as was recognized by several awards

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Support of sport

Support of local sport

As family-run enterprise we feel responsible to support local community.


We believe that sports helps build healthy and friendly environment across generations and therefore throughout our history we have sponsored local football and basketball teams and horse-riding activities. 

support of local sport