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Thanks to developments in industrial automatization we can offer effective and reliable solutions for monitoring of media parameters and technological processes thru production and assembly line automatization.


All this with focus and ergonomy, assuring that every aspect of operation is adequately comfortable and user-friendly, while maintaining high production output.


One of our main attributes is use of highest quality components. Through years of experience we learned that implementation of products from proven manufacturers, such as B&R Automation, Danfoss, Eaton, LappKabel, SEW, Siemens, Wieland allows to reach highest level of reliability and production volume. Right choice of only most dependable parts and meticulous attention to detail while assembling guarantee long service time without costly downtime.


These days health and safety on workplace means supreme importance. Due to the new regulations standard safety systems start to fall short of expectations. To comply with newest requiems while decentralizing monitoring and management of systems such as conveyors our systems are equipped with independent programmable safety units maintaining required level of safety through whole service life of system.


Experiences collected through years helped us optimize components, algorithms and general succession logic making up proposed design of management system. However it is client who decide whenever proposed solutions meet requirements and which components will be used and which operational scenarios must be foreseen.


To meet the new trends in the market, we introduce increasingly wider range of supported peripherals, including logical units. And so this year we are expanding the offer of central processing units and peripherals from B & R Automation, which achieve extremely short (deterministic) cycle time, reaching up to 400 μs.

Using the popular standards of industrial networks, we are able to provide
the optimal level of communication within their control, as well as exchanging information with cooperating external machines. This leads to reduction in the number of wires, and thus costs. An additional advantage is the fact that in this case the customer does not bear the cost of training their employees on account of implementation of the new, unfamiliar network standard.



Most notable among many recent developments is eServis service. It allows remote access to the customers control system via Internet without any interference with the integrity of the factory network. Thanks to it we are able to perform diagnostics on equipment, software and visualization system almost immediately after the notification. Moreover we are able to modify program features and visualization system to suit specific customer needs.


Another advantage is the remote support ability or even possibility to carry out remote training. We recognize that this service is highly appreciated in the initial phase of the system life, when due to the customer requested modifications more information is exchanged with external machines or operating principle of the system itself .